Final assignment

You must demonstrate the ability to show proper use of shutter speed

1. one image with motion blur and one image where the subject is frozen

2. you must shoot two photos demonstrating the use of aperture in a photo. One with use of a wide depth of field and one with a shallow depth of field

3. tell a story with 5 photos. Your story should have a beginning, middle and an end. 

4. take one photo using light to help add emotion to your image. 

Points will be based on your knowledge of the technical use of the camera as well as choice in focal length and compositional elements taught in class. 

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Assignment 2

Please find a photographer you like. Present if front of the class who the photographer is and what they specialize in. Then pick an image and tell us about the photograph.


You will be graded on accurate camera settings as well as compositional breakdown

Assignment 1




1.     Take one photo in the classroom of whatever you want and tell us about what your incorporated from what you have learned in class. You will get more points by using specific elements of the cameras setting to render a unique image.

2.     Take a wide, normal and telephoto photo of your partner

3.     Demonstrate 3 different lighting scenarios

4.     Bring in a product you want to shoot

5.     Take three photos with a camera you have (your phone or personal camera). Take a portrait photo, a landscape photo and an abstract photo