Australia day -1

This post was written while listen to the Beatles

Losing a day to the twilight zone

Our trip started with a very late departure from LAX. My anxiety is always getting all our equipment the 8,152 miles with us. We are traveling with over size luggage including an inspire two drone which alone costs $8000. Between two people (Shebbie is my friend, client and the talent) we had 6 check ons, and 4 carry ons. Our departure was at 1155 pm and because of LA and it's undeniably insane traffic we had to leave San Diego around 1pm to miss traffic and give us enough time to check into our international flight with all this luggage. Day -1 was a lot of time spent sitting and waiting.


We left the 28th and arrived in Australia the 30th. Where did that day go from my life?
— me

First Class Fool


Flying first class is certainly not always an option for me. Fortunately Shebbie has a ton of miles saved up and was able to apply them to these long trips. Two benefits beyond the obvious. 

1. We are allowed to carry more bags and more weight

2. We can actually sleep on these LONG flights so that when we arrive we aren't completely burned out. Almost every trip ends up going right into filming. 

The funny side note is that nearly every time I go into first class I always seem to be judged, as if I don't belong (which I probably don't hahaha). Being able to lay down all the way makes all the difference in the world for sleeping, even if it's a hard seat and small who cares. The rest of the amenities of first class are cool. I don't drink alcohol so thats no use to me, having a big bathroom is a plus and the food wasn't too shabby. Mostly it was nice to have a flexible chair I could change from a desk to a lounge to a bed.

Talk to your Neighbor


I guess in a way I'm lucky to have the gift of gab. I sat next to this gentleman on our leg from Sydney to Cairns. We were sitting business and you could tell he had some power. Before he sat down he stowed his Louis Vuitton shoulder bag, handed his burberry jacket to the stewardess with his rolex dangling right in front of my face. He was very proper in his mannerisms. We started talking about Australia and where we were going (Cairns). He kind of reminded me of an Australian Walter White. We spoke about Australian and American politics, the similarities and how nuts the world is. Australia is a young country just like the US. Its also about the size of the US but only has a fraction of the people because a lot of Australia is uninhabitable. He told me about his feelings about global warming and how its a bunch of political hype. According to him the great barrier reef bleaches out every 15 years. It turns out he owns a couple hotels in Port Douglas. He told us to visit and told me a few places to check out while we are here. He also scared the shit out of me by reminding me of the deadly box jelly fish and all the crocodiles that live here. Thanks Australian Walter. 

The Wrong Side of the Road!

Even the signs are odd! 

Even the signs are odd! 

Once we got to Cairns we rented a car. The lady at the rental agency asked why we had so much stuff and what we had. I told her a lot of it was dive equipment. She then informed us most of the diving here sucks..... which then I was like "WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE DOING HERE THEN?" 

I asked where to go and she suggested a wreck about 5 hours south of where we are. I will do some investigating. Im sure we will find some good diving. 


Heres the thing about driving overseas. You shouldn't be afraid to do it, just understand it takes a lot more thinking than your used to. I find even having a conversation while driving is harder when on the other side of the road. It was so weird getting into the car and sitting right side driver. 

Oh hey girl! 

Oh hey girl! 

Everything wants to kill you in Australia!

Right when we arrived to the beach where we are staying what do we see?

Tempting to go for a dip huh?

Tempting to go for a dip huh?

The good news is the remedy for at least the stingers wasn't far. 

This wouldnt work in the US, some asshole would piss in the bottle, ironically that would still work.

This wouldnt work in the US, some asshole would piss in the bottle, ironically that would still work.

We went for a walk and discussed the future of this project and what our goals are for filming while here. After that we got some groceries for our flat and called it a night considering the +17 hour time difference.